It's Been a While...

Saturday 3rd November 2018

We have been up and running with our 8Kw Fiber Laser Machine for nearly 1 whole year now, and it truly has revolutionised S&O Fabrication's production capabilities. We've seen a huge upswing in the amount of work we process, simply because it allows us to cut so much faster- on average we find its around 4X faster than our previous CO2 laser!

It's so fast, it has led to a further investment in S&O's infrastructure- which you can see next to the laser machine on the picture. We've aquired a deburring machine, for the customers who do not want a clean laser edge- they want the clean edges to be completely rounded off. We did set up a hand deburring department, but it simply cannot keep up with the laser machine!!

As ever, S&O are investing to remain at the forefront of laser cutting, press braking and fabrication services.