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O2? N2? Why not a bit of both!

Which cutting assist gas should I use? It’s a question that many laser cutting companies face, and each type has its benefits and drawbacks. N2 is clean-cutting, but can leave burring on thicker mild steel, and N2 is expensive.

O2 gives a lovely burr-free cut; however- leaves an oxidised scale on the cut edge, and is an exothermic process- the material gets HOT- especially the thicker plates.

There’s a lot more to consider than the above points when discussing N2 vs O2, however- S&O have invested in technology that lets us cherry-pick the benefits from each process. We have a MixGas unit, which mixes the requisite amounts of N2 and O2, altering the ratios to suit the material being processed. The end result is a burr-free cut, with quick feed rates, a cut-edge free of flaky scaling. It’s truly revolutionary!

Please let us know if we can use this technology to provide components for you; let us know at enquiries@sandofabrications.co.uk

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